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Agfa Isolette II

The Apotar 85mm, f4.5 is the middle range 3 element lens offering from Agfa. It fits between the cheaper Agnar and the deluxe 4 element Solinar.
Luckily the basic 4 speed + B Prontor shutter is working fine on my sample. But the focus ring was frozen by the dreaded green dried grease which practically cemented the front cell focusing element to the middle lens element ;(

I backed off the 3 set screws just enough and the front focusing ring unmounted without fuss. No need to remove the tiny screws, not easy to remount and there's a greater chance of losing them. Replacement screws of this kind are not easy to find. Before attempting to remove the front lens assembly, I applied a few drops of Naphtha (lighter fluid) around where the middle element screws into the shutter lens mount and let it sit for 15-20 minutes. Then I wrapped the front lens element ring with duct tape and then tightened a hose clamp around it. Note: judicious care should be observed in the tension of the clamp …

Rolleicord III

Getting my feet wet in medium format Schneider-Kreuznach 75mm, f3.5 lens
It seems like the camera has not been used in a while because initially the slow speeds were sticky but came back to life with a bit of exercise. The finder was still not very bright for indoors after cleaning, but fine for outdoor shooting.
So far I've shot two rolls with this camera. Although the film transport has an auto stop feature, I'm still struggling to avoid double exposures ;)
Sample shot Fuji Acros 120 - 60 minutes in Rodinal 1:100
more pics

Stand Development using Rodinal 1:100 @ 60 minutes

First attempt, semi stand - mild agitation for 30 seconds + 10 seconds @ 5 minutes then 3 gentle inversions at 30 minutes Second try - 3 minutes pre-wash, 1st minute gentle agitation then stand for 59 minutes Starting developer temperature in both = 15C, no tempering bath, ambient room temperature @ 23C

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