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November 2011 Hi-Fi Show

Room 443 Harana/SETUP/Tono Collaboration Speaker system designed and built by Joey of Harana Audio - JBL D140 15" woofers in V-Vent 2 bins, Westrex T550A horn lens + JBL 375 compression drivers + Gauss super tweeters
JE Labs Simple 45 amp with Hashimoto OPTs and AT&S power transformer and chokes.
JE Labs 76/6SN7 line stage preamp with remote volume control
AT&S Power Transformer and Chokes
Tono erotique WE417>WE407 phono preamp
Garrard 301 + Fidelity Research FR64fx + Ortofon SPU Royal in a Harana Audio plinth
AT&S Technologies
 Made in the Philippines

Room 444
Pure Sound

Room 403

Room 451
Sounds 'N Images
DeVore Fidelity + Leben

Room 460

Room 440
Ortofon, Spendor, EAR and Olive

Room 446 and 447
LPs and CDs

LPs tested on a Rega system

People pics...

November 2011 Hi-Fi Show Preview

Visit us at Room 443 Hotel Dusit Thani, Makati  Philippines November 19 & 20, 2011 Harana/SETUP/Tono

10" Rosepetal alloys

Stock rear drum and the later (Cooper) version with  built-in 1" spacer
removed the two screws securing the drum, slackened the brake adjuster screw and hub cap removed 
longer studs are needed
hammered the longer studs on the old drum to insure alignment
repacked the wheel bearing
new brake drum ready for fitting
new drum fitted, brake adjuster adjusted for one complete turn of the wheel... ...just need to fit the two longer screws to secure the drum Done

Concert Photos

by Joel Villanueva (aka setup2) sound test Concert
Manuela V. Pastor Hall  St. Bridget College Batangas City, Philippines August 13, 2011 
more from this album

W198 in B&W film


Dvorak Symphony No. 8, 4th movement Manila Symphony Orchestra Joseph Esmilla, guest conductor July 2010

JE Labs SE2A3 mono integrated amp + variable EQ phono

Completed and delivered to a new home ;)  More to come...