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Cavatina by Nicanor Abelardo

Joseph Esmilla, violinist Rudolf Golez, pianist

Dad's camera...

...acquired in Tokyo in 1963 while on a concert tour of Asia.  My parents were expecting their first brat... The camera originally came with a tripod, self timer and light meter. Apparently this little brat destroyed the light meter which eventually got lost.. 

Family picture ca. '68
 ca. '79 
Dad taught me the basics of photography on this Penta J with the aid of a 'Sunny 16' guide found in film boxes.
More pictures taken by my dad
My parents on their 50th Anniversary, December '08

November 2009 Hi-Fi Show

Mono minimalist Cast of characters Lin - classic speaker guru par excellance and Rofiel - mono aficonado
Rofiel found this Jensen M10 field coil 13" driver (OEM WE TA4151 - more info) stashed in an ancient garage 120 kms. away from Manila I revived the tube rectified  power supply with fresh Sprague ATOM capacitors. Since original replacement cones are unavailable, we took it to Lin for restoration.
The result of Lin's... ...painstaking labor.
To augment the top end, we added a phenolic diaphragm'ed Jensen RP103 alnico horn tweeter through a simple DIY crossover Rofiel designed a Klangfilm inspired open baffle using phenolic plywood with piano hinged wings to maximize bass yet convenient transport.
Mono front end: Rek O Kut B12H  Tonearms: Velvet Touch viscous damped + GE RPX LP stylus (right),  Argonne 10" viscous damped + GE VRII LP stylus (center back) Pickering 190 + GE RPX 78 stylus (left)
JEL Mono preamp with variable EQ
JEL mono amps SE2A3dx or SE410dx
Lin inspe…

Mini 1000

Work in progress.... No hub caps, out on a test drive after steering rack and swivel joints were replaced
My objective is to remain faithful to the original design and keep it as classic as possible! of my favorite lens test subjects ;)

W-Komura f1.8, 36mm LTM

Manufactured by Sankyo Kohki Japan which ceased operations in the early 80s. This particular lens was supposedly made only for one year, 1963. If there are other users of this lens out there please say hello.
First shot as soon as I got out of this antique shop LRT II, Manila '08 Shanghai Shanghai Shanghai
More W-Komura 36/1.8 pics